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 Buckets of Water

     Buckets of Water is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to provide access to clean drinking water in at risk populations. reports that 61% of Ugandans lack access to clean drinking water. The key difficulty in Uganda is access to clean drinking water. According to Water Aid Uganda, approximately 26,000 Ugandan children die each year from waterborne illnesses, which are diseases contracted by drinking unclean water. Water Aid Uganda also estimates that 75% of all diseases in Uganda result from a lack of clean water and proper sanitation. While the lives directly saved by providing clean water are obvious, there are many other benefits from clean water that the community will benefit from. Indirect benefits include fewer work-days missed, fewer school days missed, and better household resource allocation. Please help us in our mission to provide clean drinking water to Ugandan families! If you or an organization you are involved with is interested in helping Buckets of Water, please email us at

We will try to address this in two ways:

  1. Placing water filters at central water collection points — Using the most recent census data for Uganda, we are placing water filters at the most utilized water collection points to maximize our impact.

  2. Education on water borne illnesses — The top of our water filters will include an info graphic and instructions in the local languages of the necessity of boiling water to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. 


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How we are providing clean Water

     Our workers in Uganda are current and former Soldiers of the UPDF (Ugandan People's Defense Force, their Army) that James worked with while deployed in Uganda. We are building charcoal based water filters and placing them at central location points. Below is a visual display of how the water filter works and is constructed. The filters built in Uganda will be constructed out of 6 inch diameter PVC tubing to reduce the cost and increase the PSI (pounds per Square Inch) of the filter, which increases the effectiveness of the filter.  Our filters in Uganda will also include a plastic overhang that includes info graphics and explanations in the local language of the importance of boiling drinking water to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. We will also provide an explanation of the filter they are using with instructions of how they can build their own! 


     We estimate that each of this filters will serve at least 500 people. As this is our first production run of water filters in Uganda, we are using a very conservative estimate for the cost of each filter. The cost of each filter is expected to be reduced after this first production, but our estimate for this iteration is $85 per filter (that's $.17 per person)! The filter's will also have a section for any individuals, families, or organizations who would like to donate a filter specifically in their name. If you are interested in donating your own filter or in helping us fund raise, please email us at 

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