African Wood Carved Animals

Preparing Dinner

Preparing Dinner

WHat a beautiful African dress and the perfect use of this canvas of bark cloth from the Mutuba Tree.

  • Painting Material Description

    This painting is done on a material unlike anything you have ever seen, unless you have seen cloth bark made from the Matuba Tree. This is sold unframed so that the uniqueness of this material can be experienced by the owner. The material feels very similar to leather and it has traditionally been used to make clothing so it is very durable. These paintings do look great framed however, and so we offer advice on our site if you would like to frame your new masterpiece!

  • Return Policy

    We offer a 30-day return period upon delivery, provided it is returned in the condition it was received. The cost of the purchase will be refunded on our receipt of the art. We are not responsible for the cost of shipping.

  • Shipping Policy

    We ship our paintings rolled up, this is how they are transported and will not affect the painting. These are inserted in a cylinder to be shipped. It is up the customer to select the shipping package that fits their needs. We will always provide any tracking information available while your painting is in route to you!