African Paintings

About the Artist- Prince Joseph

I have known Prince Joseph since my deployment to Uganda with the Marines in 2012. His paintings were the favorite souvenirs I brought home for loved ones and we have remained in contact ever since. 

Prince Joseph painted for many years as a mentor to the first artist who began to paint on Bugandan Bark Cloth. He specializes in traditional African paintings. In addition to his talents in painting, Joseph is also a historian for his tribe. When I met Prince Joseph, he gave a tour of the Kasubi Tombs to me and several other Marines and it was an incredible introduction to the history of the Bugandan Tribe. 

The picture you see to the left is Joseph volunteering at a local school in Uganda. It is important to him to help keep their cultural memory alive and so he instructs school children in traditional painting. 

Enjoy the gallery below as you look through some of the best traditional African paintings the internet has to offer!

$24.99 Bark Cloth Mini Paintings!

Prince Joseph describes his painting of this African market

Grey Crested Cranes - The National Bird of Uganda!

This is the national Bird of Uganda and they mate for life! Paintings of a pair of these mated cranes are traditionally given as a symbol of marriage. Great as a gift for the soon to be married couple or successful marriage you know!

Hand Painted Bark Cloth Paintings

These paintings were all hand painted in Uganda and are individually numbered out of 25!