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On International Refugee Day, Uganda should be commended

It's honestly fine if you didn't know June 20th was International Refugee Day, but since it is everyone should be made aware of Uganda's contribution to this global problem. Uganda has the third largest population of refugees in the world and as of May 30th, 2020 had a refugee population of 1,424,374 people.

68% of these people are from South Sudan who have fled the civil war in Uganda's Northern border. An additional 24% are from their neighbor to the West, the Democratic Republic of the Congo which has suffered continual flares of violence stemming back the Great War of Central Africa in the 1990's. Of the people from South Sudan. 84% are either women or children.

Fortunately, Uganda is one of the more progressive countries when it comes to refugees. They offer equal access to primary education and health care. Along with this they are given relative freedom of movement and the can start a business as well as take employment.

Uganda is not a rich country though and so it is struggling to bare this cost. They are currently working on a plan to have the refugees on self sufficient new settlements within the next five years.

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