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Connecting Ugandan Culture with the world

$24.99 Mini Paintings

These are painted on cloth made from the bark of the Mutuba tree! This fabric was originally used as clothing and has been produced for over 500 years. 


Meet the Artists!

Watch video's from Ugandan artists as they speak to their inspirations and influences about the art available for purchase!

25% of the profits are donated to providing Ugandan families with clean drinking water!


Prince Joseph


Paintings on Bark Cloth

These paintings are done on cloth made from the bark of the Mutuba Tree. The Bugandan Tribe originally produced this fabric over 600 years ago for use as clothing. Click the link to learn the unique history of this fabric and how it's made!


Art that gives back

25% of the websites profits are donated to Buckets of Water, my 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to provide clean water in Uganda! 

African History

African History has often been neglected and I want to help change that! Check out our different sections on African History to see what you don't know, I promise it's full of some incredible and mostly unknown stories. 

To help increase the amount of African History available in classrooms, I offer completely free presentations on African History to schools. If you are an educator, parent, youth director, or anyone who knows a group of students who would benefit from a free program, please reach out to me at the contact information below


Contact Us!

IG: AfricanArtExplorer

Facebook: @AfricanArtExplorer

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